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Website Design, Creation and Maintenance: Dr T.S. Kinloch

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The information contained in our Web Site is as accurate as possible. It is continually being developed and updated. Some information may, on occasion, become out of date and, although we will strive to make sure that this does not happen, we apologise if it does.

Our Web Site has been developed to provide information about us and as a service to patients living within our practice area who are registered with us. All of the work and cost of producing and maintaining this Web Site has been provided personally by us as a service to our patients. We do not receive NHS funding or assistance and the work is done in our own free time.

We hope that you find our Web Site useful. We would welcome any suggestions that you may have about improving it.

The content of this website is Copyright© to Dr Simo. Copies of text or pictures should not be made without permission from our Webmaster.

The information contained on this Web Site is general information which is not in any way intended to replace the specific advice that patients may obtain from us about individual care. Although we have taken great care in putting together the information contained within this Web Site, we advise you most strongly that it is your responsibility to decide whether to act upon the information given or not. Such information is intended as a useful resource for those patients registered with us. You are advised to discuss the information given with us, particularly if you are in any doubt about its validity. We cannot accept responsibility for consequences arising from any of the advice or information given in this Web Site.