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By phone

The Practice's incoming telephone number is 0151 486 3780 or 0151 511 5919.

For general enquiries, please try to keep the telephone lines free during the very busy consulting times by phoning between 11.00 am and 3.30 pm.

As you can imagine, the doctors and nurses in the Practice are all extremely busy and it is not easy for them to offer a telephone consultation service. If you have a query of a clinical nature it may be easier for you to make an appointment. However, the practice does have a system for dealing with requests for telephone advice. Firstly, tell our receptionists the nature of your query and leave a message if you wish. Our receptionists become very skilled over the years and can often advise you whether it is appropriate to deal with your query by phone or whether you should make an appointment instead. You will be asked to leave a contact number. You may well be advised of a better time to ring back to speak to a doctor or nurse. You may well be asked to phone back at a specific time to receive a reply to your message.

Using the Web

To access our e-mail repeat prescription system, please use our secure online form in the prescriptions section.

By all means submit suggestions and comments (indeed, we value such comments). However, please note that clinical matters (such as visit requests, prescription requests, queries about specific cases etc.) cannot normally be dealt with using e-mail.  Also, please note that when you use the internet for e-mail communication, the information you send is not necessarily secure and confidentiality cannot be 100% guaranteed.


Administration For general enquiries about the practices' administrative procedures and protocols if you can't find the information on the Web Site.

F.A.Q.s To request an addition to our FAQ section.

Feedback To provide feedback about services we have provided that you are happy with or think could be improved in some way.

General enquiries For anything that doesn't fit within the other catagories.

Manager For direct contact with our Practice Manager.

Webmaster To feedback about the Web Site (comments, suggestions, report a broken link etc.)



Contact Details

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The Health Centre Surgery


Tel: 0151 486 3780
Tel: 0151 511 5919


0151 448 0650


The Halewood Centre
Roseheath Drive
L26 9UH

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