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How to Register

To register with the practice all you need to do is ask our receptionists for an NHS registration form. A separate form has to be completed for each person wishing to register. It's as easy as that.

Our Practice policy is to accept registration from anyone moving into the area or who has a family member already registered with us within our Practice area. We do ask for a short written explanation if you are already registered with a doctor in the area and wish to change over to us. This can be handed in with your application form.

All newly registered patients are invited to attend for a health check with our Practice Nurse or with one of the doctors if there is a complicated medical history.

The Practice area includes all of L26 and parts of L25.

Our boundary roads are Higher Road, Mackets Lane - Halewood side, Lydiate Lane, Church Road, Cartbridge Lane, Greensbridge Lane and Baileys Lane.